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What to expect:

You need to have your own:
Squeeze bottle
Spray Bottle
Power Box
Whatever that is not included in the other lists

-There will be pest control every year
-There will be a helper to clean up the place and count stocks and restock, twice every week. You just need to take care of yr station/area.
-There will not be wifi included as of now, but the computer will have internet.
-Dont expect walk ins
-Outdoor carpark with no season parking and the fatimah very on the ball. No need put coupon, got app.
-I will take the "Fix" amount the start of the month
-If you don't believe im earning little or NOTHING or even making a loss to have u in the studio, please let me know, i will pull out all the numbers for u to see.
-No need to write record or anything as of now.
-You run as your own branding/marketing and handle your own clients.
-Will provide branding/marketing tips (must let me know if you want)

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