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Client review/testimonial for BEN



Facebook Review in text format

C***** Yea reviewed —  July 14 • 
This is my 2nd tattoo done by him. Not only I'm loving it, so did my family and friends too!!! 
It was a scar cover up tattoo. As usual, everything's goes well with his meticulousness and sense of humour along with the process of tattooing. Counting back, I have some real bad encounters with so-called arrogant 'branded' artists (they don't bother to response or sounded as if I owe them a living). I'm glad by chance, someone recommended BEN. Honestly, I was sceptical how would his response as I wanted to do small inkings but I was totally WRONG. BEN is really responsive (he will reply within a day if not, the next following day due to his super packed schedules). He answered and provides pro advices on my queries in details despite my 1st time tattoo was a small ones. Beside that, his patience and witty personality definitely has made the tattooing session a less painful one. Why BEN? His professionalsim shows in your tattoo. If one goes back to the same artist for subsequent tattoos, do I need to say more? I strongly recommended BEN, if you are looking for a professional experienced artist. Truly a amazing artist with so much pride in his work. Thanks BEN!!! Link him up at Instagram: ben_tattoo_nakedskin

F****** Tan reviewed — August 29, 2016
Went to get my first ever tattoo done here, was quite nervous but Ben was really friendly and made me feel at ease. He was very fast and precise, despite my skin being problematic during the tattooing session. He gave some aftercare tips and answered any questions regarding the tattoo that I had. Definitely coming back if i want another tattoo in the future

M****** Wong p recommends November 4 • 

BEN, Great artist! Skilful and time efficient had my piece done by him less than the time i expected it to take. Real satisfied with his work too! Highly recommended artist! On a side note thanks for the piece bro see u in dec for my next piece 

K** Ng Chong Kai p recommends October 11 • 
Let the image speak for itself, 95% done by Ben 

L** Fong reviewed— July 27 • 
BEN Big thanks to Ben for inking me, and ensuring that I was feeling alright throughout the process. Although he have a tight schedule but still answered all my enquiries about the tattoo that I was getting and giving professional advice. His hands are simply amazing! Best place to get a tatt, whatever you wanna put, he will make it happen and make it even better than the original piece! Excellent quality of work, really satisfied with his piece of work. No regrets getting my first piece done by him! If you want to be inked, He's the one to go to! Thanks ben! 

L*** Low reviewed—July 27 •
 BEN - Did a fantastic job for my tattoo. I had an existing tattoo and I wanted to add some poppies. I didn't know how many or how I wanted the poppies but Ben was very patient to run through his design with me, making sure I had an idea of what it would look like in the end. It came out way better than I thought! I'll be back to have my next tattoo here again soon! 

N*** Foo p recommends November 23 at 9:56 AM •
BEN got my first tattoo done by BEN. great guy super friendly. made me felt really comfortable and at ease for my tattoo. quick but very detailed as well. really answered to all my queries and he makes sure that everything is to my liking. thanks a lot bro!! will be back real soon.

S***** Ong reviewed— 43,  May 5
BEN - I did my first tattoo on my hand, and it was WAY OUT OF MY EXPECTATION on how it will turn out! Ben was really really very understanding and patience throughout the whole consultation period via WhatsApp. I was very fickle minded as I kept changing my design but Ben took his time to give me his suggestions just to make sure I will have a great piece on my body! On the actual day, Ben even make sure the placement and alignment was perfect before getting down to work, he took out the stencil more than 3 times on my hand and I was really appreciative for all the hard work he put in. The whole tattoo experience was calming and we were also chatting and joking away talking about our school experiences, which made me felt less stress and scare about the pain! Once again, thank you so much for everything you've done and I will not hesitate to find you again for my next tattoo design in future, or even recommend Ben to my friends! p/s Find Ben if you want to see magic tricks using his special cloth.

Cheryl 'nsl reviewed— June 18 - BEN did my very first tattoo, and since then I have been going to him for all my subsequent tattoos. Since April last year until today, I have a total of three tattoos done by him heheheh. He's super friendly and nice, making the process fun and comfortable. His pricing is reasonable too! I've also received so many compliments on the tattoos I've gotten. Already thinking of the next design

Abdul R***** reviewed — April 4 • 
BEN He's a really talented artist really and he's very detailed and all. Like if you have any queries about anything he'll help u through it. I don't think you can ever fault him for just about anything. my tattoo he covered up for me was a total disaster till he fixed it up. And now honestly it looks great. I'm definitely coming back for more tattoos. He gives alot of information about how to takecare of our tattoos and the whole process through it all. Overall I can't fault him for anything. He's a hard-working dude too. He's passionate bout his work and prolly cares just about as much we want beautiful ink on our skin. Thank you man.

L*** J** Jia p recommends November 25 at 1:16 PM • 
After seeing my friend back piece that was done by BEN. I decided that my first tattoo must be done under him. He is really patient, humorous and friendly. During the whole tattoo session Ben made it less stressful by chatting and joking along which I felt that the pain was bearable. He provided the best service with all his before and aftercare instructions. Ben, very talented artist that I will go for my next tattoo.

L*** Huang pi recommends October 20 • 
BEN Beautiful piece! The design is very intricate yet substantial. Just the right design and size that I wanted. Really patient to accommodate my rescheduling and we tested out the stencil so many times till it was absolutely perfect (because of the tricky position). Also got many compliments on it from people too! Overall 200% satisfied! For something that lasts for life, you really want to get the best and most patient! 

C********** Leong LinLin recommends November 11 at 2:19 PM • 
BEN, He is a really nice guy to chat with and professional. Really light handed and discuss with me before proceeding. Would really come back to him 

A*** Liu Haoxan reviewed — May 9 • 
BEN!! Once again did my tattoo by Ben this time a larger piece! Ben answered al enquiries i hard and was very helpful even though he was packed and busy. When it comes to choosing my design, Ben was able to deliver something special and different based on the pictures i provided him. Incorporating his idea with my already existing tattoo he made my new tattoo fit like a puzzle along with my older ones. Which proves his experty and adaptability as an artist. When Ben is tattooing, he is very fast, precise and considerate. Checking on me if the pain is bearable after a few hours. BEN is a really friendly and talented artist! Will definitely once again return to get more pieces done by him! As not only is he talented at tattooing he makes the whole process really comfortable. THANK YOU so much BEN for the new piece of tattoo see u again!

F****** Koh ip recommends October 24 • 
Totally enjoyed my session with him! I've had several tattoos done before and Ben is definitely one of the most responsive and patient artist I've met. Despite being real fast, he's really intricate with his work and i totally love the piece he did for me. Thanks Ben! Will definitely contact you again for my next piece!

Y***** Wang reviewed - July 31 • 
Got my second & third tattoo done by him. The tattoo on my wrist caught many attention, which makes me decided to go back to him for my latest tattoo design. He paid so much attention to every small details in every art-piece. He is not afraid to share his views and thoughts which makes me feel assured that I can just leave the idea to him. Never once makes me feel regretful about getting ink by him. Amazing work as always. Would definitely go back again and recommend to my friends! 

L** Zi Y*** recommends November 26 at 10:45 PM • 
BEN First tattoo's a great experience with this one! Love the final look, and also love how he made things light-hearted through chats about random things. Thank you very much! :4 

J***** Choo reviewed — March 4 
BEN - Really thankful to have my second piece done with Ben. He tries his best to reply fast due to his busy schedule and very informative from the start till the end of the whole process. He is always checking if I am okay during the session though it was a short one. Love my piece and I'm very sure to be heading back for more! 

C****** Low reviewed— March 25
BEN- My friend recommended me to Ben and I have to say he is an amazing artist. I'm really satisfied with his work, and I love the details of my piece. The fine lines in the piece were really well done! What's more is that he is very informative and nice when it comes to answering my queries! Really happy about this experience(: 

*** Kay reviewed - March 28  
Ben is one of the best artist in Singapore, comparing to other European countries. He knows how to advice and suggest what is appropriate, and customise to your desire. Very thoughtful and detailed oriented. Very humble and entertaining! 6 stars for Ben!! Cheers! 

J***** Poh 11 recommends November 1 • 
Got my tattoo at Naked Skin Tattoo and done by Ben! He was very patient, friendly and accommodating from the beginning when I was just consulting him through WhatsApp to the very end. He also offered to refine the designs i sent him to make them look better even when it isn't obligated of him. It is thanks to him that my very first tattoo experience didn't feel intimidating or stressful but was really pleasant. He could see that I couldn't handle the pain at some point and asked me to go rest/have a smoke while he waited patiently without issues. He was not only fast but the end result is still very goodlooking. 5/5 experience would recommend 

Y** C*** Hau reviewed—June  18 • 
It was my first tattoo and i am glad i met this guy that helped me with my first tattoo. because this guy is very hardworking and detailed. i was fikled minded before my session started so i made a few changes. but he did not got fustrated and yet encouraged my change and gave me time to consider. Also he is able to muti task to chat with me and did a great job on tattooing too. WILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND OTHER PEOPLE TO FIND BEN IF THEY DOING TATTOO. Because he make ppl trust him do tattoo as he gained my trust already. 

D***** Gerard reviewed — ez, , March 16 • BEN- great tattoo artist with a lot of creativity. Made my tattoo session a great one with his jokes and the environment he created. Was honest with his opinion on the tattoo idea aswell. Thanks a lot ben and keep up the good work! 

l******** Gnikcufasi Taikeewyat reviewed — es March 11 BEN - Amazing artist! Very professional! Really really appreciate it when he went the extra mile to fulfil my request which is not an easy task given the small area!!! Thanks so much for this lovely piece! 

M***** Jia Hui recommends August 22 • BEN I did my first tattoo under him and was definately not disappointed He is patient enough to answer all my questions and doubt i have . Not only that he is fast and efficient in the things he do !I! 

E**** Chen recommends August 8 
BEN is very professional and take pride in his work. Very humble and humorous guy that make your tattoo session more bearable with the pain. Did my back piece with him after I accompany my Friend that had done hers with Ben, talented artist that i would go for, for my next tattoo. Highly recommended! 

E***** Ramos reviewed — June 25  
Thank you BEN for doing my first tattoo, you're so great.

A** Lim p recommends November 4 
BEN Was recommended by my colleague and after looking at the tattoo she got and looking through the works he has done on his IG, I decided to do my first ink with him. 
Ben was very understanding and patient throughout the whole consultation process via WhatsApp. Can tell he is someone who takes pride in his own works because he told me not to copy others LOL. The tattoo process was short and sweet as well Will definitely recommend him & I look forward to getting another piece done by him in the near future. 
Thanks Ben!!

R*** Soh reviewed — June 19 • 
BEN is assuring and his tattoos are top notch, exactly what you imagine. 

S***** Siregar recommends August 25 • 
Ben was very helpful and patient in answering my questions. I did my first tattoo with him and he helped me relax throughout the whole process! Very happy with the results as well!! 

C**** Lee reviewed —March 16 • 0 From a virgin tattooee pov: Ben is a very patient tatooist and would show a lot of assurance before the procedure such as placement of the tattoo. He'd constantly asked if im doing fine w the pain throughout the procedure ) Very statisfied w his piece of work! L000ve it hehe thankyou!! Sealed off the first experience perfectly fine 

K***** Htet recommends November 21 at 7:06 PM 
Got my first tattoo from BEN , great lad , love the effort he put into the work and mostly he was able to keep me distracted from the pain by joking around. Thanks BEN im glad i got my first tattoo from you . 

S******** Lim reviewed — May 9
BEN - Really awesome guy!! He's extremely humble and patient, willing to really discuss clearly to ensure that I can get what I want. I'm really happy at the outcome! A. 

M******** Neo gi recommends August 12
BEN- Very fun and easy going tattoo artist! I was afraid that the art wouldn't look good but it caught me by surprise the art turn out amazing! Appreciate Ben's artwork I totally recommend this tattoo artist to everyone. Will return in future for another art to be done rl 

K****** Ong reviewed —January 23 
BEN - A really friendly and dedicated artist, no problems letting me choose what design or patterns that i wanted and making it even much more beautiful than it was before. Ben is one of the most trustable artist that i've ever done with and i'm willing to come back for more. Really recommended for first timers as well !! 

S**** Ng reviewed — March 26  
BEN - i'm honor to have my first piece from you. Thank you for being patient despite last minute changes. And would come for second one soon!
R**** Lim recommends 1,00 August 26 
very patient and nice guy. did my cover up very well too. will look for him again for more in future. 

K***** Seven K recommends August 26 • 
BEN, my artist was very patient n he got do his homework before he tattoo. He showed me a lot of designs n his piece is upthere 

S**** Cheong reviewed — April 7 • 
BEN - Professional artist who is really passionate about his craft. Please do not hesitate to get a piece done by him. Outstanding work! 

L*** Heng reviewed — July 17
Ben - a trip to his studio with no regrets!! 

V****** Pau recommends October 28 
He is good Will definitely go back! 

M*** Low reviewed — February 24
Ben is super professional and whatever piece I show him to do, he makes it look so perfect! Got all my tattoos from him, don't think I'll be going anywhere else! Thanks man! 
T** X** Wei recommends August 7 
BEN. I have been browsing for a professional service on and off for years and by fate i have landed on Ben's Instagram(ben_tattoo_nakedskin). Love his style of tattoo much hence i've decided to engage Ben's for my first piece of tattoo. Ben's artwork has never let me down. Love at first sight on his first draft. Whole session was being done professionally and patiently. I was able to decide on the size and style with his advices. I'll contact you for my 2nd piece soon Ben! 

P****** Ksy reviewed — 43, September 17 • 
2nd time tattooing with him. I love how the colours and design turned out and the tattoo came out way prettier than I expected. I have pretty low tolerance when it comes to needle pain but Ben managed to assure me through the entire session. If you're looking for a tattoo artist with reasonable rates and is very talented, you should look for Ben. ) 

S******** Choo reviewed - March 11 
BEN I really like the piece a lot . Thank u so much ! 

M******* Michaels recommends August 29 
BEN Looking for your next ink? Yet have no idea what type of design to get or which location to place. Fear not, as you can approach the talented and professional Ben. From designing of your tattoo to giving you his opinion/advices, Ben is definitely a go to tattoo artist who will make your tattoo session as chill as possible (aside from the pain of course) I highly recommend you to drop by his Instagram to view all the remarkable works he had done. 
So why hesitate? Slide into his DM and pop those WhatsApp message for appointment, I can confirm you don't regret! 

L** J**Jia reviewed — August 19 
BEN Thank you BEN for doing a wonderful dog potrait as my first ink! Ben is very patient & understanding in answering all my enquires. He always give suggestions thru his professional views which really helps. Through out the whole session, he is very thoughtful & caring, ensure everything goes smoothly. In the end, he is able to deliver a detailed & realistic dog potrait! Will definitely get a second piece soon! 

Y** Shun*** reviewed — September 21 • 
BEN Got my first tattoo with him and I am very pleased with how it turned out!! The entire process was a breeze - the design, arranging a time with him and also getting the tattoo itself. Would highly recommend him!! 

T** Kantiw*** reviewed —January 16
BEN was great thru out the whole planning and the session itself! Had two pieces done by him and always satisfied after! 

J***** Chew reviewed — October 4 
Got my tattoo at Naked Skin Tattoo and done by Ben! I will definitely be sticking with him for my second! The whole experience from contacting him to the actual inking.. Ben is top notch! He always reply my messages and advise accordingly to my questions. Really appreciate it! (ps: he really has tons of messages and I really dunno how he goes through all) Ben is super friendly, funny, patient and assuring! Throughout the whole process, he was considerate, making sure that I was alright and giving me the space of voicing out my opinions and feedback about the design, sizing etc. This is very important for a first timer like me! 
And I simply love the end results of the tattoo! He is a very meticulous and detailed Artist. He explains in details and to the best of what he will be inking. Professional! And for the inking process, I did not feel any discomfort or pain! Pretty pleasant in fact! skilled! 
Big thanks shout out to Ben for his work and art piece! I am really fortunate and happy to be tattooed by him. Surely recommend Ben if you ever thought of getting a tattoo! 

C*** H** Lai reviewed — January 1
BEN - Got my first piece done by Ben. He is very amazing and super professional. Definitely would recommend him to anyone to do tattoo. 

K*** Chan reviewed — December 30, 2017
BEN - First off he has amazing artwork, check out his IG ben_tattoo_nakedskin! He replied really fast (like within the day) throughout the whole liaising back and forth before the appointment and was pretty detailed about the whole thing. Really funny dude, managed to entertain me with his convo during the 45 min session. Also we probably tested placements and sizes out about 8 times before the actual tattooing but he was really patient about it and helped find the best spot for the tattoo so it wouldn't get distorted whenever i move my arm. Is a perfectionist so execution will be on point. 

T** Y* Xuan reviewed — 43, January 21 
BEN - love the work he done for me. A very dedicated person and he put in alot of effort to do your piece nice and sweet. May seem unapproachable through text but he is very nice to talk to in real life. 
E***** Tay reviewed — December 28, 2017 
BEN he is the most hard working artist i ever seen he really put in alot of time and effort into everything he do he is a very friendly and funny person and he always give his best to his clients and when he do something he really give his everything and he is very creative and i'll recommend Ben if you are looking for some amazing and awesome inks 

C**** W** Xin reviewed — December 21, 2017  
Ben's a great artist - Glad to have him tattoo my first piece! Amazing artwork, not to mention he constantly checks if you're comfortable throughout the session. • 

H****** Milky reviewed — December 20, 2017 
BEN, is a serious in he work and friendly. I love my tattoo that he do for me. I will intro to my friends who want to do it. 

C****** Fran reviewed —January 15 
BEN - Ben is a phenomenal artist and I had the good fortune of being tatted up by him. To be honest, I had my reservations initially, as Ben does not prefer to meet and all interactions are simply done by text. This may not bode well for many who prefer to get to know their artist and have a deep consultation beforehand. I was almost afraid to commit due to that fact, but I am so glad that despite my qualms, I went anyway. Ben is a lovely and talented tattoo artist. Above all, he really delivered and I am proud to have a piece of his work on my arm. Ben will dedicate his time to you 100% and will step in to make sure he does the best work he can on you and at the same time won't compromise the image you want. I appreciate his integrity and how he isn't into a copy and paste style. Due to his demand, I later understood why he struggles responding to each and every single message in a timely manner but does his hardest to do so. Don't give up if he hasn't responded yet. I highly recommend Ben without a doubt!! 

D*** Doh reviewed — December 27, 2017 • 
BEN is an awesome artist! Very patient when discussing the design with me, which turned out looking sick! During the session, Ben displayed professionalism and dedication! Very passionate about the art! Will definitely return again in the future! Do check out his Instagram @ben_tattoo_nakedskin 

N***** Tan Jia Yi reviewed — December 27, 2017 
BEN. Just got a tattoo from him, super love the outcome of the tattoo * He is really friendly and professional . would reconmend him definetly * 

C***** Pang reviewed — December 11, 2017 . 
BEN is great, v meticulous and dedicated. I like that he is v detailed in his work, even if it's extra work/more hassle. He made my first tattoo experience a v nice one, always asking if I was okay, and made sure that I felt comfortable. Also, his artwork is amazing!! V in love w my tattoo hahaha glad I did my first tatt with him. Thanks Ben!! 

A***** Mustapa reviewed - December 25, 2017 . 
BEN is an amazing tattoo artist. He is a very dedicated man and passionate at his work and I'm glad I've trusted him 100% in re-working on my ideas (even if he has to do the sketch on the spot). Would recommend him to everyone who wishes to do a realism kind of tattoo! Great love for your work man, keep doing what you love 

K** Y** Ling reviewed — 4, December 9, 2017 .
BEN is super friendly and I'm super thankful to have my first piece done by him! Really passionate about his job and will do his best to produce an artpiece you will fall in love with! Trust in him should be 100% as he is really that good 

S******* Ng reviewed — December 1, 2017
BEN was very professional in his work, getting my first tattoo was a breeze due to his simple but informative explanations on how the procedure was to be completed. He created an even better design that I expected and I was extremely happy with the outcome! The ambiance of the tattoo parlor was great as well* 

L**** Tan reviewed — December 20, 2017 . 
BEN was really great at his work and super professional about it. Would recommend anyone to go to him to do tats. He was very understanding, he enjoys and takes a lot of pride in what he is doing. Thanks man! 

H** J** Wei reviewed — December 15, 2017 
BEN is a very friendly and approachable tattoo artist. His black grey work super dope! Will definitely go to him again! 

V8 reviewed - November 30, 2017 
BEN did good*
G**** Ava Tan reviewed - November 27, 2017 • 
BEN, is a professional and a perfectionist. He creates realistic and beautiful tattoos. Plus he's fun to talk to hence it distracts you from the pain you are going through. 

L**** Koh reviewed — November 12, 2017
I am writting this only to tell BEN, I am coming again.. Through his crazy hands, I did my first piece. It is amazing. Coming back for you, assured. you dude

N****** Ho reviewed — November 27, 2017
 Ben is pretty awesome. Friendly and definitely knows what he is doing. He completed my tattoo in 3 hours which is pretty fast for the detailed work he did. I am in love with the tattoo. Nonetheless, you can trust his work. He's a workaholic too. Stop working so hard. Mind you, he might text at weird hours. 

W*** reviewed — November 3, 2017 • 
Ben has his way to make you comfortable throughout the whole session. Asking you whether you're feeling alright once in awhile. I trust his skills that's why I went back for a second tattoo. Basically he is very attentive, meticulous and trustworthy. Great job Ben! Thanks for the tatt-

F*** Ong reviewed, — November 19, 2017 •
 BEN is amazing! I went to him for my first tattoo and he was incredibly nice and patient. He made the process incredibly easy and his rendition of the tattoo piece i approached him for was really amazing. Would definitely get another done by him!

Shermann Ng reviewed — December 1, 2017 • BEN was very professional in his work, getting my first tattoo was a breeze due to his simple but informative explanations on how the procedure was to be completed. He created an even better design that I expected and I was extremely happy with the outcome! The ambiance of the tattoo parlor was great as well

T** J*** Sheng reviewed —November 4, 2017  
BEN has the nicest work of all the tattoo artist I met. He's Creative, Friendly, Professional and fast with his work. I love his dedication towards his work, he is proud of his work so you got no worries about the outcome of the tattoo on your skin. I have 4 tattoos with him. Never once I regretted and doubt the pieces on my skin. @Benjamin Fly I will be back for more! 
Additional 5 stars ***** for his dedication! 

M******* P***** Chang reviewed — October 11, 2017 • 
Ben is definitely one of the most dedicated person I've met so far . He's take great pride in what he do and make sure his work and design is perfect and it's what best for his customer . Did a cover up piece recently with & really enjoyed the whole process & the session itself . He may be hard to catch sometimes as he's quite busy most of the time but he never fail to make sure your queries is answered . If you're considering to get a new tattoo do check out his Instagram @ben_tattoo_nakedskin 

P****-**** Lee reviewed — November 13, 2017 
BEN is real nice ! • he is patience and he make sure we like the design before he start his work. Ben also engage with conversation so that we could forget bout the pain a little! He is serious with his work and provide good service ! Overall, his amazing ! Thanks BEN ! 

V****** Chan reviewed — October 5, 2017
BEN. One of my friend recommended him to me and I'm glad to find him. He's very patient in listening to my requests. He tried to distract my attention while skillfully doing his piece. He's definitely the one to go for if you prefer a more homely, relax person to do your piece. Cheers! 

G******* Lai reviewed — October 28, 2017 
BEN is super patient and friendly, he handles all the requirements I want for my piece well even though it is small. Don't worry about feeling awkward or anything because he is extremely chatty. Will definitely come back again or recommend it to someone else!! Good luck! 

N** Z**** reviewed — October 1, 2017 
BEN has helped me go through the process of getting my first tattoo very willingly and helpfully..He gives his opinions when I'm unsure and cares for his customers. Recommended. 

N***** Ng reviewed — October 15, 2017 
BEN was the one who did my forearm tattoo and he is really very dedicated with his work. From the designing to the inking process, he really amazes me. Love how detailed my tattoo is and will definitely look for him for my future tattoo and I highly recommend him! • 

V****** Lim Wan Zhen reviewed — October 15, 2017 
BEN has done a great job for my first piece! Really love it. I don't know why but after the first piece, i have the thought for a second one alr. Thanks for making me less afraid of the pain. He is really friendly, able to let me choose my size and thickness too. Will come back soon thank you!! 

K**** Lim reviewed — September 27, 2017
BEN did my first 2 tattoos for me, found him through a friend and NO REGRETS! Had a few ideas & inspirations of my own but I couldn't put them together so I sought his professionalism. And he managed to combine my thoughts all together. Very happy with the customization & service given and I will definitely intro him to my family & friends. • 

K**** Alvarez reviewed, - September 7, 2017 
BEN is a friendly and awesome guy with great tattoo skills and is definitely good at old school tattoo , will come back to him again . Thanks man

T***** Carifio reviewed — September 5, 2017 
BEN is a chill guy but takes his work very seriously. Very accommodating and professional. I highly recommend him to anyone. As for the piece, its just amazing. 

K**** Ccs reviewed — September 12, 2017
BEN A really experienced, friendly and nice guy. He wouldn't hesitate to give suggestions just to make sure ur design turns out well. Extremely satisfied with the end product. 2nd time here. Will be back for e 3rd. 

C***** Shen reviewed — September 10, 2017
Got my first tattoo done by Ben, the outcome is amazing actually much more than what I expected! I thought he might be good at thicker and bolder pieces but he is also good at delicate ones! I expected a very simple anchor on my tattoo but with Ben this small anchor has full of small details and looks so lovely. When he work on my piece he did really care how I felt and asked me if I'm ok. I highly recommend him! 

L*** H** Lin Aw recommends August 29 
Ben did a design we brought in. Splendid service despite us being very fussy. Did my another design better than expectation. Def recommend him because he is professional and humorous

B**** Ong reviewed — May 26
BEN- Really a nice guy to talk to while enduring the pain. Prepare you for what's in store for you. Did wayyyyy beyond my expectation and I'm really satisfied with the outcome. Definitely would recommend him to be your artist! 

M* S** Qiang reviewed — April 8  
-BEN-He's a really Meticulous and talented artist. He make sure that you're feeling alright about the tattoo, the placement and also the pain level for first timers like me. Initially i was very nervous about getting my first tattoo on my forearm,the public stigma and also how my family will view it, but after getting it i never had an ounce of regret. For More Artwork, go and follow @ben_tattoo_nakedskin.!! 

B********* Ong reviewed — June 11 • 
BEN is a very nice artist who does very very nice work.. i was really pleasantly surprised by his skill and the outcome of mine and my friend's tattoo ( :4 loved it & will be back for more 

S***** D****** Jagwani reviewed — April 7 • 
BEN - just got another piece done by him. he's a really dedicated tattoo artist & i really admire how he's not into the copy and paste style but will still somehow manage to give you a tattoo that matches the picture you show him. he always gives his 100% during every tattoo no matter how tired he is or how late it is. will definitely go back to him again soon! 

P****** Guttikonda ip recommends October 27
Ben is truly professional and friendly...Thanks Ben! 

J*** Tyx reviewed — June 10 • 
Did my second tattoo by him and he exceeded my expectations again !! A very passionate and self motivated individual that never fails to make sure that his client is fully satisfied with his work before executing! 

J***** Tandijono reviewed — March 2 
BEN - Did my first piece with this guy It was everything I expected. Process was smooth from queries, placement of tattoo and actual tattoo-ing. Was pretty nervous but he made sure I am comfortable by constantly asking how am I doing and threw some jokes here n' there. Pretty satisfied with the tattoo result! He also sent a detailed after-care explanations afterwards and never failed to answer any of my further questions! I am glad to have gotten my first tattoo from him and would totally recommend him to my friends. Thanks again Ben! Keep up the great work x 

V***** Goh reviewed —March 28  
BEN A very knowledgable & talented artist. Did my first piece from him, and the results are beyond my expectations! During the session, he was very attentive & meticulous. He also engages in conversation while tattooing, making it a breeze–Highly recommend to people who are looking to get any inks! Do check him out on IG @ben_tattoo_nakedskin 

T***** Carino reviewed — September 5, 2017
BEN is a chill guy but takes his work very seriously. Very accommodating and professional. I highly recommend him to anyone. As for the piece, its just amazing. 

P****** Ho reviewed — August 31, 2017
BEN is an extremely professional tattoo artist!Not only is he meticulous about the details of his designs, his works are amazing. Super patient when he was discussing with me about the design and when he was tattooing me by constantly talking to me etc. Would definitely return if I want to get another ink! Highly recommend to people who are looking to get any inks

R**** Tan reviewed — August 22, 2017
BEN is nothing but amazing. He's a very friendly person who can strike up a conversation to sort of "ease the pain a little". I sent him a rough sketch of what I wanted on the internet and he said he doesnt like to do duplicate works. Each and every work he does is unique, this alone intrigues me even more .;„ He made sure I was in a "stable" condition before carrying on with his work. He is very precise. Pin point to each and every spot. He may be very fast with his works, 3 hours and done with my piece. However, the masterpiece turns out dam brilliant ! The shading and highlights etc. And mind you, it was my first piece. Doesnt hurt as much as I thought it would be. Careful with his equipment. Knows what he's doing. Much appreciated bro ! Peace out.

R**** Chandra reviewed — August 24, 2017
BEN is a very patient and professional tattoo artist. Did 2 pieces with him and he never failed to capture my ideas, in fact what he delivered was beyond my expectations. 10/10 will recommend.

Y*** Teck reviewed —September 14, 2017 
BEN i would recommend him to anybody who wants a tattoo. He is very skillful and guarantee to you that you wont regret getting one from him and im very impress by his art work. i would definitely go back to him if im doing my next piece. 

J****** Tan X** Ling reviewed —  August 13, 2017 • 
His really friendly, nice, funny & skillful 0 I love his sketches & how he re-design the tattoos. Although the duration was very long but it's worth it 00 Please take good care of your health !! Don't neck pain , back pain already HAHAHA Anyway, thanks for the tattoo !! 0 You're the best

G***** Tan reviewed — August 22. 2017 
BEN is very professional in his job. I consulted with him on a compass design tattoo and it turned out to be really cool. He is very friendly and knowledgeable is his art. Never failed to answer all my queries. I will definitely come back to get another piece done by him and would recommend him to anyone who is looking to get a tattoo.

J**** Goh reviewed — August 20, 2017
BEN has got to be the best artist I've approached so far, he's both professional and humble! Also, his style is unique and definitely not many in Singapore can best him in this field! 10000000% recommended

H****** Yeow reviewed — August 20, 2017
BEN is awesome, professional, lovely, handsome and does awesome stuff. Check him out. If there's a 100000/10 button i'll defo give it fo sho

G****** Gabriel reviewed — August 17, 2017 
BEN works fast, a very big pro when getting tattooed. Meticulous in his work and shares his concept and take, on how he envisions your design. Friendly too and can literally talk about anything under the sun. Thanks naked skin. 

A**** Tan J** Heng reviewed —July 16, 2017
BEN is a friendly, patient, professional and a funny dude. He makes sure that I sit comfortably during the tattoo process. Overall is a great experience, I highly recommend him if you're looking for a high-quality tattoo.

E***** Ng reviewed — July 26, 2017
BEN is amazing at what he does - tattooing. An extremely amiable man who is professional and only give the best advices. Got my first piece from him today and was relieved that I got it from him. I could tell that he's a perfectionist as well, and when it comes to picking your tattoo artist, there's no one better than a perfectionist. 

S** J** En reviewed — July 16, 2017
BEN is amazing, his artwork is even better. He upholds every art piece very well, you will not regret anything that is coming from him. This is because he puts in lots of effort and hard work just to design one art piece for anyone who is interested. Be patience when waiting for his replies as good things are worth the wait. I'm not kidding, you would love it like how i do. thank you, ben! 

W** Kit reviewed — July 23, 2017
BEN. Like his artwork and piece, definitely would go back again in near future. Love all the pieces done by him! 

K**** Vel reviewed — July 23, 2017 
BEN is really a friendly guy and he is very caring when u are in pain or u don't feel rite. He does have a really good crews over there who are really friendly and caring too.. And u can trust him on what kind of tattoo u can do and make it a better one.thanks Ben. 

C*** P** Ling reviewed — July 16, 2017 
BEN is a very patient and professional tattoo .. was really amazed by his work! Loving my tattoo so much! Will definitely come back again. Thank you so much BEN 
C***** M******* Kwek reviewed — July 8, 2017 
BEN worked on one of my tattoos before, I loved the result hence I have went back for him for another of his work. It was great that he discussed with me about my preferences and came up with something personalised to the things I like. During the session, it was also comfortable as he was friendly and we just talked. Thank you Ben for the beautiful tattoo * 
M***** Tan reviewed — July 16, 2017 .
BEN takes pride in his art and tries to make it to near perfection. He always ask for your needs before making any decision on your piece. He answers to all queries and gives professional opinions. He engages in conversation while tattooing to make it a comfortable and enjoyable process. But rest assured that he's still focussed while talking. Definitely the person to look for to get a tattoo 

M****** X***** Sebastian reviewed - July 1, 2017 •
BEN. Had the pleasure of having my first session with ben. Made the experience great with conversation and jokes. Very well done start to a piece with intricate detailing. Definitely recommend nakedskintattoo. 

E********* K***** Goh reviewed — July 1, 2017
BEN — friendly & professional. did three roses tattoo earlier today and I was thrown back at how precise and detailed his work really is. oh, he even gave me a really reasonable price too. would highly recommended him if you're looking for an artist to get your tattoo done. I've been to quite a few artist to get my "art" done but he's definitely the most hard at work one. RESPECT. 

B*** L**** reviewed —June 17, 2017 
BEN, an amazing and talented tattoo artist! Went to get my first tattoo from him and he was very efficient with the schedules and designs. And he is very friendly and comfortable to be with while having your tatt! Love my tattoo design! 

J***** Cruse reviewed - June 17, 2017 .
BEN, definitely the man to go to for your tattoos. He's very patience and will explain to you whatever you need to know. He's nice and friendly, really easy to get along with. His work and the execution is just ridiculous. The details and the shading is very thoughtful and greatly done. Loved my first tattoo by him. Will definitely recommend him to others. Tattoo done by Ben. 

S******* JH reviewed — June 17, 2017 
BEN. Really friendly guy who's passionate and takes a lot of pride in his work, ensuring that you get a lovely piece of art rather than a piece of regret. In my case, he gave me plenty of advice and feedback on my piece, not wanting me to regret it after a few years. Hats off to this man. Tattoo done by Ben. 

D**** Ho reviewed — August 29, 2016
Freaked out on my first tattoo but Ben made the whole process rly comfortable and it turned out great!! The experience was way better than I expected and he was really understanding as well. Will definitely come back here if I'm getting another one ** Dion 

Z******** reviewed — September 22, 2017 
BEN is a very talented tattoo artist and I'm extremely satisfied with his work. I got my first two pieces from him in one go yesterday, and I'm really glad that I've chosen ben to be very first artist. He is extremely patient in ensuring that I get the right positioning for my art and also giving professional advice. While doing the tattoo, he also engages in conversations and constantly checks whether I'm okay. Ben is also very skilled and he is very fast in his work, the outcome of the work also turned out better than I ever expected! I'm vey happy with both arts on my body now Indeed ben helped me add some more details to the design I initially sent him, making it more unique! which is something very important to me. Thank you BEN for the tattoos yesterday, might consider getting my 3rd or even 4th piece because I enjoyed the experience with you so much!

B** H*** reviewed —June 17, 2017 
BEN is an artist with amazing skills and dedication to his craft. I have done two pieces by him, and both exceeded my expectations. For my second piece, he spent hours creating a design that I requested- with no complaints, and when he showed it to me, I could tell how much effort he had put in to complete it. The reason why I decided to return after my first piece was because as I had never done a tattoo before, I was slightly nervous. However, BEN demonstrated his professionalism and provided a comfortable and friendly environment as the tattoo was being worked on. He constantly chatted with me as he did my tattoo, and didn't start until he made sure that template was in the correct position. Even though it was a tedious 5 hour job, he never complained at all even when I could see he was tired. What really touched me was when my Grandmother was sent to ICU late at night, and I had to cancel a session I had planned with him the next day to visit her. A normal person would have asked me to pay to cover the money lost by last minute cancellation or insist I still come down for the session as it was late and nearly impossible to find another customer at that hour. However, he immediately told me "family first" with no hesitation. At that instant I knew he wasn't in this business for the money, but because it is his passion. (In the end he found a cover customer so it was all good). I've recommended BEN to many friends and now to you because he is definitely an artist to go to for pieces of work which deserve to be showcased to the world. A tattoo done with patience and professionalism is a masterpiece and BEN is a master of his craft who has created countless masterpieces. I would never regret a tattoo done by him *. 

C****** Ng reviewed — February 23 
BEN is super amazing !! love his work and he's also v friendly !! overall vvv amazing !! & made my first tattoo experience a breeze . (-: 

R*** Cheong recommends August 7 
BEN - A very talented and humble artist. Help me to get rid of a miserable piece of art from the previous artist. Will share before n after art after heal. 

T**** Kee reviewed — January 26 
Had my first tattoo done by BEN , He was experienced and patient while doing it , looking forward to get inked in the future by him ! @ben_tattoo_nakedskin 
S******* Kok reviewed — January 23 • 
BEN- he was detail in asking me what I wanted. was good as we chatted thru the tattooing process so I kinda won't focus on the pain. artpiece was fantastic 

E***** Zee reviewed — March 7 
BEN- is very professional and talented tattoo artist, can totally entrust his judgment. 

A***** Chua reviewed — February 19 • 
*BEN* he is very patient when I couldn't decide on a piece and gave advice. Also Very friendly, easily striking up a conversation. Thank you for the awesome tattoos 

W** Chan recommends October 1 • 
Did my first tattoo with him. The worst thing that could happen to a newbie doing a tattoo is a screwed - up tattoo by a screwed- up artist. But Ben was nothing but AMAZING! His skill is top notch, and the end result was even amazing, immediately fell in love with the tattoo. He was also friendly, and approachable. With that being said, Im planning my second tattoo with him already. Thanks Ben for your amazing work! 

C***** Ng reviewed — February 23 •
BEN is super amazing !! love his work and he's also v friendly !! overall vvv amazing !! & made my first tattoo experience a breeze . (-: 

S***** Han reviewed — August 23 • 
Not my first tattoo, but one of my best tattoo experiences with Ben from Naked Skin Tattoo. Other than the reasonable pricing, Ben was very friendly, obliging and professional. His style and design are very remarkable; the piece he designed for me was amazing and s000 pretty, I love it. The whole session was quick and comfortable. I am definitely coming back for more! (that's if my mum doesn't kill me for it..) Hit him up for more deets! 

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