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What are my qualifications?
Took a degree in Fine Artst (Lasalle College of the arts), graduate with a Diploma of Fine Arts, due to National Service.

Why I take so Long to reply?
Because I tattoo 4 days a week 12noon to 3am and my appointment is packed back to back, and my off days, im even busier, i have to draw n schedule. Thus, i have v little time to reply, but i will sure reply u within 36hours. thanks for yr patience n understanding. :)

What to expect during an appointment?
Expect me to serve u as soon as possible, i will always set aside more than enough time for the prev appointment taking in account of break/rest time but sometimes it tend to over run as the piece might b bigger than expected or the person threshold of pain is not v high n ask for more frequent breaks. So in some cases, might need for u to b patient n wait a while. thanks for yr understanding n patience. :)

Am I able to do walk-ins?
No, my appointment is packed back to back, i do not have time for unscheduled appointments or consultations. The best i can do is to schedule on the earliest date possible for yr piece but still an appointment is needed. I do not entertain walk in not cos im stuck up, is because as mentioned, my appointment is packed back to back, like literally.

What are your working hours?
I do not have a standard working hours, i only do by appointment. My first appointment usually starts at 12noon, depends.

How do I book an appointment?
Contact me thru Whatsapp, whatsapp link is on my contact page in the home page, and the procedures is in the procedure page.

I will send u the location once confirmation, if you need to plan your timing, its at beach road. I dun wanna be bound to a location as the place im tattooing at can be tear down anytime due to government development.

Why is there no photo of me?
Because i believe it should be about my work, im not a huge fan of social media, i dun have social media about my life or what i m doing. thats why my instagram @ben_tattoo_nakedskin is mainly for my work purpose n serve me no other purpose.

Why I reject most client?
I WILL always reply all that msg me, is jus that with the amount of time spend on yr piece, i could be doing something that showcase/challenge my skills, but dun worry, i will definitely introduce someone who is the best for yr type of work. :)

What I believe, what i think you should know?
I believe that you must have seen my work therefore if you choose me as the artist who will be doing up your piece, i believe that you like my work thats why u choose me. So by texting me about your work, i assume u like what i am doing and have trust in my skill and profession. 

How long is yr waiting list?
Typically my waiting list is around 1-4weeks, it really depends on my schedule. Smaller pieces like wording, symbol etc, i can schedule u in alot sooner like within 1-5 days. But please book an appointment with me before heading down. 

Why the rate given last time is different?
It is because when i quote the amount, I give myself a rough idea on how long/tedious it will be. And if I were do a somewhat similar piece and realized that it take more time to get it done, the rate will b increased.

BUT, once after confirmation, the rate is fixed. So for example, if i quote u a particular piece at "X" amount, no matter how long in the future the piece is or how tedious the piece is, the rate will b as agreed and will not change, it will be damn wrong if i were to increase the rate after confirmation. Thats my way of doing things. So confirm as soon as u get the quotation to avoid disappointment. :)

Why my slot has been taken up?
How i scheduled my appointment is like this, For example, my earliest slot is on the 16th of december, Client Aaron,Ben and Chantelle asked when is my earliest slot, so i replied them all the same answer, "16th december". So Ben is the first one to place a deposit to secure the slot, followed by Aaron n Chantelle. Therefore Ben will get the slot, and Aaron n Chantelle will have to pick other dates.

And usually my earliest date will have at least around 6-10 people looking to get it done on that day, so its best if u can confirm it asap to secure the slot.

I choose by the timing of when the photo of transaction is being sent to me rather than the actual transaction is being made. 

Why is it so troublesome to get a quotation?
Because i need to know the actual piece that im dealing with to give u the most accurate quotation i can.

And i have tons of msg, its easier for me to filter away those that ask for fun.

Why am I always late?
I have tons of things to do, the last time when i can kick back and relax is at least 8 years ago. I know everyone have alot of stuff to be doing, and i know its v disrespectful for me to do so, but rest assure, im constantly trying to improve myself daily. Being puncture is the Number 1 thing on my list now. thanks for yr understanding n patience :)

How Long hav I been tattooing?
Tattooing professionally for almost 4 years as of Dec 2018, but overall i have been tattooing for around 7 years, but the first 3 year is not counted because that was when im learning n so much bad work was done back then, because i have done so much bad work in the past, it empowers me to know what will or will not look good as a tattoo, therefore my knowledge is tattoo is not guidance, but by experience.

Is yr tattoo costly ?
Honestly, i think my rates for tattoo are under-priced. If u think my tattoo is costly, tattoo might not be a thing for u yet. 

Why do u hav to trust me?
You dun have to, i dun want to work with someone who dun like/trust my work. So make sure u like my work, and trust me to do up yr piece before contacting me. :)

Why I dun do consultations?

Try to avoid consultation with me, i rather have it thru text. Cos i see alot of msg, and photos everyday. I tend to forget stuff. 

Whereas on msg i can always refer back.

But if u think its more convenient n comfortable to have a consultation, just let me know. But dun last min me

Can I check the equipments before starting?
Yes Of course, just let me know after i stencil your design on you. :)

Why the quotation is in range n not exact?
Because the photo u send me, i dunno the actual size, until the day when i get to finalized the size n placing, only then i can give u the exact rate. but fear not, whatever the case is, it will definitely be in the range quoted.

Why can’t call me?
Because firstly, if u call me and talk about yr piece that u talk to me on whatsapp, i do not know who i m talking to, cos at any given time, im talking to 20-50 people, and i cannot relate whatever u tell me thru call cos i dunno what u r talking about cos i dunno which char u r, and i tend to forget stuff, so its better to do it thru text as i can refer back.

And im tattooing, and it will b screw up if i stop half way, remove my gloves, and pick up a call in the midst of the session. 

What equipments do I use?
I haven currently using 3 Bishop Tattoo machines, 1 Neotat tatto machine, 1 Dragonfly Tattoo machine, 1 Rightstuff tattoo machine, 1 Divine Machine, 1 Spectra Machine.

Depends on yr piece, i might only use 1-3 machines only.

Disposable Sterile One-used Cartridge Needle. 

How Long I take to reply?
i take usually around 10-36hours to reply depends on my schedule. So please be patient, thanks for your understanding. :)

Why I keep sending u the same msg?
Because at any time, u decided to not do a piece with me, i just wan u to know that anything jus ask, no obligations ;) if u got another completely entirely new design that u wanna do or anything, jus ask. No worries. No obligations. :)

I send 2 msg, but u only reply 1. Why?
Because i have tons of msg, i read the whole msg at one time but only able to focus to reply a single question at one time, Therefore, i tend to miss the other question. Sorry!

Fear not, just let me know your allergic, i have all the MSDS(Material-Safety-Data-Sheet) for all my inks. :)

Why should u get a tattoo?
Why shouldnt you? Because of job prospect? if u r not planning to work in government sector, then u got no reason not to.

Firstly, for u not getting a job or getting fired a non-government job is not because u have a tattoo, is because u r not capable for the interview or the job.

Your boss is an entrepreneur, if you as a worker, can make him profit, there is no reason he would fire u if u have a tattoo.

As an entrepreneur/businessmen, would you rather have an employee with degree and make u 5k profit, or would u rather have an employee with tattoo and make u 10k profit? Im not saying with tattoo will get u more profit but tattoo doesn't change the capability of a person. 

Do I do colour works?
Of Course, Jus look at my Instagram highlight or look thru my feed, there is definitely handful colour works. :)

M I weird/crazy?

U better bet i m.

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