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Before tattoo: 

1) Do not consume alcohol at least 36hours before appointment. :) 

2) for the area u doing, try to wear black or any shirt that u can afford to get stained and throwaway, example: 

a) thigh, than wear black pants. 

b) upper ribs, than wear black top, for girls, black bra.

c) im a messy artist, and i might make a messy/stain on yr clothes, and wear whatever that would make a good throwaway shirt 

3) for sensitive area, for girls, 

a) upper ribs, bikini top 

b) hips, bikini bottom 

c) sternum, a nipple sticker or something like it. 

*u can do whatever u need to do, whatever makes u comfortable, 

i just need about 5cm apart from the edge of the piece to b unblock.

4) Payment 

a) Cash is also good. :)

b) PayLah/PayNow is fine.

c) there is no atm nearby.

5) Location: 


6) Timing 

a) Don’t be too late, if too late, I will have to reschedule u. 

b) on the day itself, i might ask u to come in earlier. :) 
c) 10-20mins late is fine, nothing more than that. Do anything to get here on time, but safety first.


7) Friends

a) the studio is small. If:
a1)1 person doing a piece, can bring only 1 friend.
a2) 2 person doing pieces, can bring 1 person
a3) 3 person doing pieces, can bring 0
Max 3 person in total. :)

b) Strictly no kids please.


8) Pain 

a) Tattoo is gonna hurt, but its not as pain as u think. 

b) Ignore the videos on youtube where they scream. its fake. 

c) Ribs, Stomach and lower back area tend to hurt more.

9) There is no need for u to take MC or leave the next day, but its better to,  

a) if the duration of tattoo is long, u will might(5%) have headache next day. 

b) because u deserve it. take a day off n relax.

10) Food 

a) Have a light meal before starting 

b) might wanna some sweet drinks or chocolate during, not necessary. 

11) Sleep well the day before. 

12) Aftercare
a) Make sure you have clear of any swimming plans for at least the next 2 weeks.

a) Suntanning or Jacuzzi as well. :)

13) On the Tattoo day itself, i can hardly reply any msges, so anything let me know the day before. Or jus call me on the day itself if urgent. But refrain calling me that is not yr appointment date :)

14) Please remove shoes and place them inside the unit. 

15) Taking video or photo of studio or Ben is fine! Tiktok/IG story/Reel is appreciated! Please do tag meeeeee! If there are other artist/client in the studio, please refrain from capturing them in the frame of the video/photo. 

Thanks! :)

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